Skyshop, which adopts the principle of selling high quality products to its customers, has a unique definition of Customer Relationship Management consisting of "TV Advertisement - Call Center - Main Warehouse - Distribution Organization - Satisfied and Happy Customer" circle. Our aim in this system is to make this cycle, in other words, the process as simple, practical and effortless as possible for you, our customers. In this way, we constantly develop new opportunities, special promotions and special offers for you, who meet our company Skyshop and become our loyal customers, and we offer you the satisfaction of customer needs by improving every day.

Skyshop Loves Its Customers

Our company is constantly running promotions and special offers for our loyal customers. We develop, expand and do everything necessary for the satisfaction of customer needs. For example, we at Skyshop are confident that you, our valued customers, will be satisfied with your purchase, but we know that there may be situations when you may need to return a product, we make it the easiest and most hassle-free for you.


We keep our aims at the center of strategy, marketing and technology; we believe that experience, passionate teamwork and customer experience bring absolutely success. By using the communication channels required by our age in the best way, we offer the right solutions and exclusive services to the expectations of our customers and business partners.


new ones to the countries we serve around the world every day; to grow our business partners, our team and our customer satisfaction. To make the experiences in our customer access points perfect, together with the power we get from the experience we have gained and the technology that is constantly developing and evolving. To establish long-term and strong relationships by increasing our productivity.