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Skyshop started its activities in 2020 to bring the most useful products advertised on television to the door of our valued customers homes. The components that make up Skyshop are market leaders and world-renowned organizations operating in many countries and regions such as Turkey, Eastern Europe, Commonwealth of Independent States, with over 30 years of Telemarketing and Customer Relationship Management experience.

Skyshop Activity Geography

  • Turkey
  • Greece
  • Albania
  • Republic of North Macedonia
  • Kosovo
  • Serbia
  • Moldova
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Georgia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Iraq

Telemarketing is a business model that Uzbekistan, which is our pilot country, has just met in 2020. Skyshop, which has risen to become one of the leading companies in this new model in a short time, has become a brand recognized by customers in a short time as the youngest but most famous TV Store in Uzbekistan. Skyshop has achieved this fame by appearing in 12 national Uzbek TV channels, including Zo'r YV, Navo, Kinoteatr, Tashkent, Uzbekistan and Dunya bo'ylab.


Skyshop's TV Advertisement - Call Center - Main Warehouse - Distribution Organization - Customer Relationship Management Circle consisting of Satisfied and Happy Customers is offered not only to our own customers, but also to brands and products that want to reach large masses with satisfaction. In this way, you can benefit from the international Skyshop experience with the happiness that your sales for your product and brand are in safe hands.

DRTV (Direct Marketing – Telemarketing)

Licensed product sourcing, government legislation, media planning, media purchasing, design and production etc. all integrated stages.


Mainly “As Seen on TV” television advertisement and written, social etc. a wide infrastructure that allows customer calls coming through other media to be answered without making the customer uncomfortable that is, without making them wait.


The customer who calls (inbound) to get information about the product and to place an order if he wishes, calls back as soon as possible (not exceeding 16 minutes) by the customer representatives who are trained in their subject and who have knowledge of the product.

Call Center Services

Skyshop Call Center is structured to provide effective and high quality service for both our own customers and our business partners products and services. Our customer representatives are started to operate after they are trained with a comprehensive training program after the selection stage which is carried out carefully.

App Development

Skyshop App and Web Management can quickly implement publish the development, design and application stages specific to the business partner customer demand and product and brand.

Hosting services

With Skyshop Hosting Services, your company offers its business partners many integrated services from product media planning to sales tracking to order distribution control with its international hosting capacity.


İsmet Başkan

(Co-Founder & CEO)

George Lazopoulos


Malkhaz Megrelishvili


Yahya Ekinci